Best Privacy Practices For Official Video Conferencing

Because of this covid-19 pandemic, official work has been transferred from offline to online. Employers today are using meeting apps in order to get connected with their employees. digital signage These applications play an influential role in keeping employees productive even from home. In between this pandemic, working from home is a new trend. The main concern of using these applications is safety and privacy in corporate sector. As on meetings, we used to discuss some private and confidential information, and thus the safety purpose is a mandatory one. So, below are some tips that will ensure the security and privacy of your online meetings. digital information kiosk

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Implement Meeting Starting: – There are numerous tools or applications that have an option to start the meeting as soon as the first attendee joins the meeting. This option lets them start the meeting before the employer or host comes. The employer should halt this option if he wants to control the entire meeting. This way the employer will get to know if all the attendees have joined the meeting and he can even ensure the security and privacy of that meeting. 

Consider And Change The Meeting ID Every Time You Host A Meeting: – Particularly for important business meetings, try and change the meeting ID every time. This will enhance the privacy of your meeting and your security features will also get enhanced. 

Always Add A Password To Your Meetings: – Ahead of keeping an extra-ordinary meeting ID for every meeting, make sure to select a meeting password as well. It will add a layer of protection to your influential business meetings. This act of yours will keep intruders away from looking into your confidential information. 

Lock the meeting when all the attendees have reached. Just like in a physical meeting room, when all the attendees reached, the employer used to lock the room in order to maintain the privacy of the meeting. Just like that these video conferencing tools also have an option to lock the meeting in order to avoid the entry of any intruder. 

Make your employees aware of the fact that the meeting is being recorded. Most video conferencing tools have this recording option in them. If the meeting is getting recorded for some privacy-related issues, the employer should tell the employees at the beginning only and at the end also, it should be informed to employees. 

Use Chat Rooms Cautiously: – These video conferencing tools have chat rooms as well. But while using these chat rooms, make sure not to share any confidential information or files there. This can risk your private official information. Be cautious in sharing and clicking links on chat rooms as they do not have the utmost antimalware protection.  Gambling

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So, these are some of the ways with which you can ensure the privacy of your confidential official data. Being an employer, you must use these practices while conducting an online meeting. casino This way you will be able to perform a more private and secured official meeting. 

Malaria Vaccine May Be Available Soon

CBS News recently revealed, through a report, that a new malaria vaccine could be available soon. The new immunizer, according to the CBS News report, proved, through tests, to be highly effective. The news, obviously, is considered by science as a sign of hope, after all, malaria today is one of the deadliest diseases in the world – as difficult to be controlled as the new coronavirus.

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that the disease affects about 230 million people annually and kills about 400,000, most of them children under the age of five. “The new tests showed very exciting results. We have seen unprecedented levels of efficacy in a vaccine that has been well accepted in our trial program,” said Halidou Tinto, director of the Health Sciences Research Institute and principal investigator of the trial, in a statement released by the University of Oxford, England.


As exposed by the CBS News report, the new vaccine, entitled as R21 / Matrix-M, was developed by the Jenner Institute, belonging to the University of Oxford. The scientists who developed the immunizer are the same ones who produced the coronavirus vaccine, which is now distributed by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. In the recent trial, the malaria immunizer showed up to 77% efficacy in Phase II trials.

About 450 children from Burkina Faso – an African country –, aged between five months and two years, participated in the tests. The process took a total of 12 months. Participants were divided into three groups. The first group received a high dose of the vaccine, the second a low dose and the third group received a dose of the rabies vaccine as a placebo.

Researchers involved in the production of the immunizer reported an efficacy of 71% in the low-dose group and 77% in the high-dose group – in the meantime, R21 / Matrix-M becomes the first vaccine against malaria to meet the goal of the World Health Organization. For the agency, the immunizing agents currently produced must be at least 75% effective.

next phases

To produce the R21 / Matrix-M, researchers at the Jenner Institute worked in collaboration with scientists at the Serum Institute of India and Maryland-based vaccine maker Novavax. To ensure the efficiency of the new immunizer, researchers need to carry out a new round of tests. Scientists are currently recruiting volunteers for Phase III trials.

According to information contained in the report released by CBS News, the researchers’ objective is to recruit 4,800 children, aged between five months and three years, in four African countries.

“We are looking forward to promoting the next trial, Phase III. With it, we can safely demonstrate the effectiveness of an immunizing agent that, in the future, will be used on a large scale not only in Africa but also in several other countries”, explained Tinto in an interview with CBS News.

“Malaria is one of the main causes of child mortality in Africa. These data show that licensing a new malaria vaccine is more than helpful. Fortunately, this can happen in the next few years,” said Alkassoum Maiga, professor and minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation in Burkina Faso. “This is the only tool capable of controlling malaria. It is with her that we will be able to save lives”.